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Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation at Verity Chiropractic

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When patients come into our practice, Dr. Watson explains the body’s musculoskeletal connection and how it affects their care. Trying to fix a muscle problem without addressing its skeletal component doesn’t provide the therapeutic results our patients need. To fix the problem, and restore better health, both must be cared for simultaneously.

That’s why everyone who comes to Verity Chiropractic receives some level of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It’s a free service that we provide to enhance your healing and prevent the problem from recurring.

Dr. Watson explains how this service fits into your care plan, as he discusses your history, and goes through the exam. He’ll answer any questions and concerns you may have in depth, to ensure you understand the process and how it could benefit you.
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Two Phases of Care

At the beginning of care, the pain relief phase, Dr. Watson starts patients off with stretching. Both passive and active stretching techniques may be included in your plan of care.

Patients receive an email with instructions for stretches specific to their needs, based on their findings.

He may also recommend using a mobility ball, such as a tennis or lacrosse ball, over some of your tighter muscles to help release them between office visits.

Once patients achieve pain relief, we shift into the stabilization phase. This part of your plan focuses more on exercises than stretches. Muscles also act as stabilizers for our skeletal system. When they become weak, it’s much easier to experience instability or injury.

Our rehabilitation program works by activating the muscles, and conditioning them to stabilize the injured area, so the problem doesn’t return. There is a wide range of physical activities to help restore and build physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability.

Once the issue is corrected, the frequency of chiropractic visits decreases, and wellness care begins. The goal is to return each injured person to a pain-free, fully functioning state.

A Great Combination

Combining chiropractic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation helps patients heal faster and more completely—just what you want! Our team will help you feel better and start functioning at an optimal level again. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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